Monday 29 March 2021

INFOGRAPHICS #47: Naval Group's SYLVER (SYstème de Lancement VERtical) vertical launching system

By Aylont1
The following graphs are about the Sylver (SYstème de Lancement VERtical), a vertical launching system (VLS) designed by the French naval shipbuilding company Naval Group (formerly known as Direction des Constructions Navales or DCNS), and the missiles it can hold and fire. These excellent graphs were created for Naval Analyses by Aylont1, a Twitter account worth following!


Monday 8 March 2021

INFOGRAPHICS #46: The frigate candidates for the Hellenic Navy's new frigate program

Written by D-Mitch

Photo: Nick Thodos
This post includes the graphs of the frigate candidates for the Hellenic Navy's new frigate program based on publicly available information. For those who are aware of the Greek program, the Hellenic Navy’s frigate program amounts to 5 billion, and includes the construction of four (4) new frigates, the upgrade of the existing four MEKO-200HN (Hydra-class) frigates, the provision of interim solution ships (at least two major surface combatants) and provides for co-production projects in order to strengthen local shipyards (source). Where OPTION indicates extra equipment which is under discussion between the provider, the shipbuilder, and the Hellenic Navy (HN). Some of the options are already included in the offer to the Navy but in order to be fair, they have been highlighted as well. Some sources also vary in their reports about offered equipment. So, think of them as.. extras to the basic configuration. Note, that some of them maybe not be depicted in the image of the ship as these images are the official illustrations from the manufacturers. The graphs will be uploaded gradually.