Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Kewatec Patrol 1850, a candidate design for the Hellenic Coast Guard new patrol boat program

Kewatec Patrol 1850 fast patrol boat
On July 29th, the Hellenic Coast Guard (HCG) announced officially that the contractor firms for the supply of fifteen (15) 16-19.5-meter Fast Patrol Boats (FPB) worth 33.78 million euros to the HCG, the Italian shipyard FB Design SRL and the Italian company Elettronica Marittima SRL, were declared in default of the contract. That means the HCG rejects the Fabio Buzzi 56SF patrol vessel (see here about the design), the winning design of the competition, as it does not meet its requirements. Therefore the contract was terminated for default and the deliveries will not materialize. After the contract cancellation, the Service is about to
announce a new tender for the supply of nineteen (19) Fast Patrol Boats worth 49.4 million euros (!), with a length over 18 meters and speed over 50 knots. The contract will require the delivery of up to five (5) vessels until the end of 2022, and up to fourteen (14) vessels until the end of 2023.