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Kewatec Patrol 1850, a candidate design for the Hellenic Coast Guard new patrol boat program

Kewatec Patrol 1850 fast patrol boat
On July 29th, the Hellenic Coast Guard (HCG) announced officially that the contractor firms for the supply of fifteen (15) 16-19.5-meter Fast Patrol Boats (FPB) worth 33.78 million euros to the HCG, the Italian shipyard FB Design SRL and the Italian company Elettronica Marittima SRL, were declared in default of the contract. That means the HCG rejects the Fabio Buzzi 56SF patrol vessel (see here about the design), the winning design of the competition, as it does not meet its requirements. Therefore the contract was terminated for default and the deliveries will not materialize. After the contract cancellation, the Service is about to
announce a new tender for the supply of nineteen (19) Fast Patrol Boats worth 49.4 million euros (!), with a length over 18 meters and speed over 50 knots. The contract will require the delivery of up to five (5) vessels until the end of 2022, and up to fourteen (14) vessels until the end of 2023. 
The first vessel in the FB 56SF series, with the colors of
the Hellenic Coast Guard. The program is cancelled
and the boat will not be delivered.
Kewatec Patrol 1850
According to the preliminary requirements, the construction material will be aluminium, fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) - Glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP), High Tech Composite Material-Kevlar or a combination of the materials. As it was already mentioned, the new boats will be larger than the FB 56SFs, the requirement for maximum speed is set up to 50kts at full load and cruising speed at 30kts or more. The maximum range must exceed the 350nm at cruising speed. The vessel should be capable to accommodate 6 people in two cabins while it should be able to carry at least 30 people on board. The new patrol boat should be able to achieve a full offshore operational capability in Sea State 4. This time, the boat will not have a fly-bridge, instead, the bridge will be closed, similar to the one on the new CNV P355GR PBs. The new vessel should fitted with a full range of modern navigation and radio equipment including an X-band radar, ECDIS, SATCOM, HF, VHF and UHF, NAVTEX and GMDSS (N2) areas A1 and A2, AIS. To identify surface targets the boat will be fitted with a cooled type optical and thermal imaging system. 

Kewatec Patrol 1850
One of the manufacturers which will participate in the competition is the Finnish shipyard Oy Kewatec AluBoat Ab, through the exclusive representative of Kewatec in Greece, Nordic Star Consultants SRO. Naval Analyses contacted the company for details of their proposal. The Finns revealed that they will participate with their latest design, the Patrol 1850. Oy Kewatec AluBoat Ab began its operations in 1998. The founder of the Company, Karl-Erik Wargh, is an experienced professional who has worked with boats since the late 1970s. His previous company, Alumina Varvet, developed through multiple phases from an aluminium boat building company to a high-tech water jet propulsion manufacturer – today owned by Kongsberg. Both companies are still located in Kokkola, at the west coast of Finland. Kewatec has produced hundreds of vessels. Today, there are over 30 different standard models which can easily be modified to a customer’s specific need. The product groups include work boats, passenger boats, oil recovery vessels, pilot boats as well as pleasure crafts – all designed for really rough offshore use. Since 2020, Kewatec group also include Weldmec Marine Ltd. and Martec A/S. Today Kewatec AluBoat Oy Ab is one of the leading manufacturers of professional aluminium boats in the Nordic countries.

Diagram of a Patrol 1850 boat (not the exact one that is proposed to the HCG)

Patrol 1850 is a rapid interceptor boat designed for different patrolling duties. The boat can be easily customized according to customer needs. The boat has a silent and modern wheelhouse which is safe for the crew to work in. Under the deck there is a comfortable accommodation with pentry and beds for the crew. The hull, deck and superstructures of the boat are made of marine aluminium. It can be equipped with engines powerful enough for the speed of 60 kn. The vessel's propulsion includes water-jets. Kewatec Patrol 1850 is an aluminium boat for tough use, designed for secure and fast surveillance work in adverse weather conditions, and is perfect tool for wide range of professionals from coast guard to police. 



It is expected that the boat, similarly to the cancelled FB 56SF, will be armed with pedestals for M2HB 12.7mm heavy machine guns of FN MAG 58 GPMG with integrated armor shields for protection to the weapon and gunner. The ship's bridge will also be fitted with anti-ballistic windows as per standard STANAG 4569 (NATO Level 2) to offer optimal crew protection. The boat will carry also, among others, a full range of SAR equipment.
Patrol 1850, a serious candidate for the HCG program

Kewatec's Patrol 1850 FPB, due to its characteristics and operational capabilities, seems like one of the strong candidates for the Hellenic Coast Guard program. We would like to thank Kewatec for the information and material it provided and we wish them good luck in the competition! 

Kewatec Patrol 1850 fast patrol boat

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