Saturday 23 October 2021

INFOGRAPHICS #50: Hellenic Navy - Present and future inventory

By Aylont1

The following graph depicts the present inventory of the Hellenic Navy in vessels analytically and an estimation of the future composition of the Fleet. Where MLU This excellent graphs was created for Naval Analyses by Aylont1, a Twitter account worth following!

Hellenic Navy, present and future inventory, by Aylont1.
High resolution image here.

Sunday 10 October 2021

Vippon’s SOFTMOUNT: Increasing the lethality of Hellenic Navy and Hellenic Coast Guard vessels easily and with very low cost

Written by D-Mitch

Firing an MG3 installed on a Softmount
One of the exhibits at DEFEA 2021 that unfortunately did not receive the proper attention from the Greek Press, was the SOFTMOUNT lightweight mounts for machine guns of the Danish Rubtec AS. The SOFTMOUNT was presented in Greece in collaboration with the Greek company Vippon SA. Vippon is internationally known as a supplier of rubberized track parts and track systems for main battle tanks and tracked vehicles, while in recent years it has expanded its activities by participating in various systems development and manufacturing clusters as a supplier of various components and spareparts. In relation to the mounts, Vippon has undertaken their presentation to the Armed Forces of Greece and Cyprus, as well as the domestic production of their components, their final assembly-installation as well as their subsequent support in terms of spare parts and maintenance.