Monday, 27 December 2021

INFOGRAPHICS #53: Characteristics of the corvette candidates for the Hellenic Navy's corvette program

By Lysimachos Samasitis

An Egyptian Gowind 2500 corvette and a Greek Hydra
class frigate in an exercise. Photo by Nick Thodos

This post is about the characteristics of the corvette candidates for the Hellenic Navy's corvette program. The Navy’s program amounts to 5 billion, and includes the construction of a combination of frigates and corvettes that will replace the nine old Elli (Kortenaer)-class frigates, the upgrade of some of the four Hydra-class (MEKO-200HN) frigates and the acquisition (if possible) of interim solution ships (at least two major surface combatants). The frigate program has been awarded to the French shipbuilder Naval Group which is already in advanced negotiations with Greece to supply up to four FDI frigates. It is expected that the winner of the corvette program will build four vessels. The following table is the result of an effort to capture the basic characteristics of the proposed corvettes for the Greek naval program by Lysimachos Samasitis.

Saturday, 11 December 2021

INFOGRAPHICS #52: Royal Navy battleships, battlecruisers and HMS Warrior

The following images are created by Steve Freeman (sfreeman421 for deviantart) and depict all the classes of battleships and battlecruisers that served with the Royal Navy as well as the famous HMS Warrior, the first ocean-going armour-plated, iron-hulled warship, which is now a museum ship. Enjoy this great artwork! 

Royal Navy battleships. Original artwork and illustration: Steve Freeman.