Saturday 20 December 2014

FLEETS #7: Royal Netherlands Navy, Royal Norwegian Navy and Italian Navy today

Written by D-Mitch

This is the fifth article about various countries' navies today. In these articles, I briefly describe a country's naval fleet by reporting the ships in each type/category of warships and by providing a nice image where all the types of warships are illustrated and the units of its class are reported. I include the vessels that will enter in service this year and I have excluded those that are about to be decommissioned. I deliberately excluded many classes of auxiliary ships; those that they have "0" defence capacity and those that have secondary roles such as hydrographic survey ships, tugs, depollution vessels and training ships.

Royal Netherlands Navy (Koninklijke Marine)

The Royal Netherlands Navy in 2017 (updated) consists of the following warships:
  • 6 frigates (De Zeven Provinciën, Tromp, De Ruyter, Evertsen, Van Amstel, Van Speijk)
  • 4 submarines (Walrus, Zeeleeuw, Dolfijn, Bruinvis)
  • 4 offshore patrol vessels (Holland, Zeeland, Friesland, Groningen)
  • 1 joint logistic support ship (Karel Doorman)
  • 2 landing platform docks (Rotterdam, Johan De Witt)
  • 6 minehunters (Makkum, Schiedam, Urk, Zierikzee, Vlaardingen, Willemstad)
  • 1 logistic support vessel (Pelikaan)
  • 1 submarine support ship (Mercuur)
  • 2 hydrographic survey ships (Snellius, Luymes)
and a variety of auxiliary vessels

Royal Netherlands Navy (full fleet depicted) in 2017. The image in high resolution here.

Royal Norwegian Navy (Sjøforsvaret)

The Royal Norwegian Navy in 2017 consists of the following warships:
  • 5 frigates (Fridtjof Nansen, Roald Amundsen, Otto Sverdrup, Helge Ingstad, Thor Heyerdahl)
  • 6 submarines (Ula, Utsira, Utstein, Utvær, Uthaug, Uredd)
  • 6 fast attack missile craft (Skjold, Storm, Skudd, Steil, Glimt, Grist)
  • 6 minehunters (Karmøy, Måløy, Hinnøy, Alta, Otra, Rauma)
  • 1 logistic support vessel (Valkyrien)
  • 9 offshore patrol vessels (Barentshav, Bergen, Sortland, Harstad, Svalbard, Ålesund,
    Nordkapp, Senja,
  • 7 patrol vessels (Nornen, Farm, Heimdal, Njord, Tor, Magnus Lagabøte, Olav Tryggvason)
  • 2 SIGINT vessels operated by Norwegian Intelligence Service (Marjata, Eger)
and a number of auxiliary vessels and light craft

Royal Norwegian Navy in 2017 (full fleet depicted). The image in high resolution here. Thanks a lot to my friend Henrik for his valuable help.

Italian Navy (Marina Militare)

The Italian Navy in 2019 (updated) consists of the following warships:
  • 2 aircraft carriers (Cavour, Giuseppe Garibaldi)
  • 4 destroyers (Andrea Doria, Caio Duilio, Luigi Durand de la Penne, Francesco Mimbelli)
  • 12 frigates (Carlo Bergamini, Virginio Fasan, Carlo Margottini, Carabiniere, Alpino, Luigi Rizzo, Federico Martinengo, Antonio Marceglia, Grecale, Libeccio, Scirocco, Zeffiro)
  • 1 corvette (Chimera)
  • 8 submarines (Salvatore Todaro, Scirè, Pietro Venuti, Romeo Romei, Primo Longobardo, Gianfranco Gazzana Priaroggia, Salvatore Pelosi,Giuliano Prini)
  • 10 offshore patrol vessels (Comandante Cigala Fulgosi, Comandante Borsini, Comandante Bettica, Comandante Foscari, Sirio, Orione, Cassiopea, Libra, Spica, Vega)
  • 3 landing platform docks (San Giusto, San Giorgio, San Marco)
  • 10 minehunters (Gaeta, Termoli, Alghero, Numana, Crotone, Viareggio, Chioggia, Rimini, Vieste, Milazzo)
  • 3 logistic support vessels (Etna, Stromboli, Vezuvio)
  • 1 SIGINT ship (Elettra)
  • 1 submarine rescue ship (Anteo)
  • 4 patrol coastal boats (Esploratore, Sentinella, Vedetta, Staffetta)
  • 2 multi-mission patrol boats (Angelo Cabrini, Tullio Tedeschi)
  • 11 minelayer and coastal transport boats (Gorgona, Tremiti, Caprera, Pantelleria, Lipari, Capri, Ponza, Levanzo, Tavolara, Palmaria, Procida)
  • 4 coastal oilers (Panarea, Favignana, Linosa, Salina)
  • 20 fighters operating from the aircraft carriers
  • 50 approximately ASW/TH helicopters
and large numbers of auxiliary vessels

Italian Navy in 2019 (updated). The image in high resolution here.

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