Thursday 5 February 2015

FLEETS #10: Royal Navy, German Navy and Romanian Navy today

Written by D-Mitch

This is the fifth article about various countries' navies today. In these articles, I briefly describe a country's naval fleet by reporting the ships in each type/category of warships and by providing a nice image where all the types of warships are illustrated and the units of its class are reported. I include the vessels that will enter in service this year and I have excluded those that are about to be decommissioned. I deliberately excluded many classes of auxiliary ships; those that they have "0" defence capacity and those that have secondary roles such as hydrographic survey ships, tugs, depollution vessels and training ships.

Royal Navy & Royal Fleet Auxiliary

The Royal Navy in 2017 (updated) consists/will consist of the following warships:

  • 1 landing helicopter platform (Ocean)
  • 2 landing platform dock (Albion, Bulwark)
  • 4 nuclear-powered ballistic submarines (Vanguard, Victorious,  Vigilant, Vengeance)
  • 7 nuclear-powered attack submarines (Astute, Ambush, Artful, Torbay, Trenchant, Talent, Triumph)
  • 6 destroyers (Daring, Dauntless, Diamnod, Dragon, Defender, Duncan)
  • 13 frigates (Argyll, Lancaster, Iron Duke, Monmouth, Montrose, Westminster, Northumberland, Richmond, Somerset, Sutherland, Kent, Portland, St Albans)
  • 15 minehunters (Ledbury, Cattistock, Brocklesby, Middleton, Chiddingfold, Atherstone, Hurworth, Quorn, Penzance, Pembroke, Grimsby, Bangor, Ramsey, Blyth, Shoreham)
  • 2 hydrographic survey & mine countermeasure vessels (Echo, Enterprise)
  • 5 offshore patrol vessels (Tyne, Severn, Mersey, Clyde, Forth)
  • 1 ocean survey vessel (Scott)
  • 1 antarctic patrol vessel (Protector)
  • 6 replenishment & logistic support vessels (Wave Knight, Wave Ruler, Fort Victoria, Fort Rosalie, Fort Austin, Tidespring)
  • 3 landing ship dock (Lyme Bay, Mounts Bay, Cardigan Bay)
  • 1 aviation training, casualty receiving & partly landing helicopter (Scimitar, Sabreplatform  (Argus)
  • 17 small patrol boats (Scimitar, Sabre, Archer, Biter, Smiter, Pursuer, Blazer, Dasher, Puncher, Charger Ranger, Trumpeter, Express, Example, Explorer, Exploit, Tracker, Raider)
  • about 100 ASW/ASuW/TTH/AEW&C helicopters
and several auxiliaries and training ships and boats

Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary in 2017 (complete fleet depicted). For a high resolution image click here.

German Navy (Deutsche Marine)

The German Navy in 2017 (updated) consists/will consist of the following warships:

  • 11 frigates (Baden-Württemberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Sachsen, Hamburg, Hessen, Brandenburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Bayern, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Augsburg, Lübeck)
  • 5 corvettes (Braunschweig, Magdeburg, Erfurt, Oldenburg, Ludwigshafen am Rhein)
  • 6 attack submarines (U31, U32, U33, U34, U35, U36)
  • 10 minehunters/minesweepers (Bad Bevensen, Grömitz, Datteln, Dillingen, Homburg, Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Fulda, Weilheim, Rottweil, Bad Rappenau)
  • 3 signals intelligence collection ships (Oste, Alster, Oker)
  • 2 landing craft/special purpose (Lachs, Schlei)
  • 3 combat support ships (Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Bonn) 
  • 8 tenders, replenishment & logistic support vessels (Elbe, Mosel, Rhein, Werra, Main, Donau, Rhön, Spessart)
  • 8 ASW/ASuW aircrafts and 42 ASW/TT helicopters
and several auxiliary and training vessels
German Navy in 2017 (full fleet depicted). For a high resolution image click here.

Romanian Navy (Forțele Navale Române)

The Romanian Navy in 2017 (updated) consists of the following warships:

  • 3 frigates (Mărăsesti, Regele Ferdinand, Regina Maria), the last two are equipped only with a medium gun, there are plans for upgrade
  • 4 corvettes (Contraamiral Eustatiu Sebastian, Contraamiral Horia Macellariu, Vice-Amiral Eugeniu Rosca, Amiral Petre Bărbuneanu)
  • 1 submarine (Delfinul)
  • 3 fast attack craft missile (Zborul, Pescărusul, Lăstunul)
  • 3torpedo boats (Smeul, Vijelia, Vulcanul)
  • 1 minelayer (Vice-Amiral Constantin Bălescu)
  • 4 minesweepers (Lt. Remus Lepri, Lt. Lupu Dinescu, Lt. Dimitrie Nicolescu, Slt. Alexandru Axente)
  • 2 combatant tenders (Constanta, Midia)
  • 8 river monitors (Mihail Kogălniceanu, Ion C. Brătianu, Lascăr Catargiu, Rahova, Opanez, Smârdan, Posada, Rovine)
  • 18 patrol river boats
  • 2 oil tankers
  • 3 ASW/ASuW/TT helicopters
and several support and training ships. The sole Kilo class submarine Delfinul is inactive from 1995 and it is and kept in reserve docked.

Romanian Navy in 2017 (full fleet depicted). For a high resolution image click here.


  1. The PRB VD 141 class were scrapped in 2004.

    1. Thank you for your comment, I finally corrected the image.

  2. Hello D-Mitch, you've done a great job here!
    A little correction for the German Navy: You included the Walchensee an Westensee into the graphics, however those two ships have been scrapped in 2009 and 2010 respectivly. The remaining ships of this class are Ammersee (A 1425) and Tegernsee (A 1426), but they both have been decomissioned in December 2015 too.

    1. Hello Jochen! Yes, they told me also that on Twitter but I forgot to delete them. I will do it asap. Thank you for pointing it out!


    2. I finally corrected the image!