Friday 20 February 2015

PHOTO GALLERY #5: Yuncheng, frigate of the People's Liberation Army Navy

The 4,000ton frigate Yuncheng of  People's Liberation Army Navy
On Monday morning (February 16, 2015), the 18th Escort Task Force of People's Liberation Army Navy arrived in Piraeus, Greece, for a four-day visit. The fleet consists of the Changbai Shan (989), a Type 071 Yuzhao-class Landing Platform Dock (LPD), the flagship of the squadron, the frigate Yuncheng (571), a Type 54A class frigate (Jiangkai II)  and the large replenishment ship Chaohu (890), a Type 903A (Fuchi) replenishment ship. The fleet is under the command of Real Admiral Zhang Chuanshu. On Wednesday, the Chinese ships docked at Piraeus, were open to the public (except Chaohu) for a limited time (10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:00). Of course, I could not miss this opportunity; I found the time to visit the warships just for an hour. Enjoy photos of FFG Yuncheng, a modern frigate with balanced capabilities that commissioned in 2010!

Frigate Yuncheng
Welcoming guard post
The hangar of frigate Yuncheng
Hangar of frigate Yuncheng. Above the two of the four MR90 radars (Type 345
is the Chinese designation) for the guidance of the HQ-16 (copy of Russian SA-N-7)
surface-to-air missiles. The hangar accommodates one medium
size helicopter Z-9, a licensed variant of the Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin
The VLS and the main 3in gun
32-cell VLS for HQ-16 SAM
PJ26 76mm dual purpose gun
Type 87 six-tube ASW rocket launchers

240mm ASW rocket launcher
76mm gun (copy of Russian AK176)
The bridge of frigate Yuncheng. The Type 382 3D air/surface search radar on the main mast
Vertical Launching System (VLS)
Type 344 and Type 382 radars
MR90 radar and EW jammer
Type  364 radar in front of the funnel

Details of the bridge
The main mast of the ship
Amidships the two quadruple launchers of the YJ-83 (C-803) surface-to-surface
missiles with a range of about 180km
Type 730 CIWS and decoy launcher
Type 730 seven-barrel 30mm CIWS
Type 726-4 18-tube decoy launcher
Hatch for the triple torpedo launcher 
View of the frigate Yuncheng docked at Piraeus port

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