Saturday, 19 September 2015

FLEETS #13: French Navy, Portuguese Navy and Finnish Navy today

Written by D-Mitch

This is the fifth article about various countries' navies today. In these articles, I briefly describe a country's naval fleet by reporting the ships in each type/category of warships and by providing a nice image where all the types of warships are illustrated and the units of its class are reported. I include the vessels that will enter in service this year and I have excluded those that are about to be decommissioned. I deliberately excluded many classes of auxiliary ships; those that they have "0" defence capacity and those that have secondary roles such as hydrographic survey ships, tugs, depollution vessels and training ships.

French Navy (Marine Nationale)

The French Navy in 2019 (updated) consists of the following warships:
  • 1 nuclear-powered aircraft carrier (Charles De Gaulle)
  • 3 landing helicopter docks (Mistral, Tonnere, Dixmude)
  • 2 destroyers (Forbin, Chevalier Paul)
  • 14 frigates (Aquitaine, Provence, Languedoc, Auvergne, Bretagne, Normandie, Jean Bart, La Motte Picquet, Latouche-Tréville, La Fayette, Surcouf, Courbet, Aconit, Guépratte)
  • 6 light frigates/corvettes (Floréal, Prairial, Nivôse, Ventôse, Vendémiaire, Germinal)
  • 4 nuclear-powered ballistic submarines (Le Triomphant, Le Téméraire, Le Vigilant, Le Terrible)
  • 6 nuclear-powered attack submarines (Rubis, Saphir, Casabianca, Émeraude, Améthyste, Perle)
  • 14 offshore patrol vessels/offshore support ships (Premier-Maître L'Her, Commandant Blaison, Enseigne de vaisseau Jacoubet, Commandant Ducuing, Commandant Birot, Commandant Bouan, D' Entrecasteaux, Bougainville, Champlain, Dumont D' Urville, Loire, Rhone, Seine, Garonne)
  • 11 patrol boats (La Glorieuse, La Moqueuse, Flamant, Cormoran, Pluvier, Arago, Malin, Fulmar, La Confiance, La Resolue, La Combattante)
  • 10 minehunters (Éridan, Cassiopée, Pégase, Orion, Croix du sud, Aigle, Lyre, Sagittaire, Céphée, Capricorne,Andromède)
  • 1 large mine countermeasure vessel/mine-warfare experimentation (Thétis)
  • mine countermeasure vessels/support (Vulcain, Achéron, Styx, Pluton, Antarès, Aldébaran,
  • 2 patrol coastal boats (Athos, Aramis)
  • 3 replenishment and logistic support ships (Var, Marne, Somme)
  • 2 signals intelligence collection ships (Monge, Dupuy de Lôme)
  • 1 diving support/special operations ship (Alizé)
  • 20 ASW/ASuWmaritime patrol aircraft, 3 AEW&C aircrafts, about 44 fighters and more than 86 ASW/ASuW and Tactical Transport (TT) helicopters.
and several other auxiliaries such as hydrographic survey vessels, tugs and training ships.

French Navy in 2019 (updated). For a high resolution image click here.

Portuguese Navy (Portuguese: Marinha Portuguesa, also known as Marinha de Guerra Portuguesa or as Armada Portuguesa)

The Portuguese Navy in 2017 (updated) consists of the following warships:

  • 5 frigates (Bartolomeu Dias, Dom Francisco de Almeida, Vasco da Gama, Álvares Cabral, Corte-Real)
  • 2 submarines (Tridente, Arpão)
  • 5 offshore patrol vessels/former-corvettes (João Roby, Jacinto Cândido, António Enes, Viana do Castelo, Figueira da Foz)
  • 1 replenishment and logistic support ship (Bérrio)
  • 7 patrol boats (Tejo, Douro, Mondego, Guadiana, Cacine, Zaire, Cuanza)
  • 10 patrol coastal boats (Centauro, Orion, Pégaso, Sagitário, Argos, Dragão, Escorpião, Cassiopeia, Hidra, Cisne)
  • 1 river patrol boat (Rio Minho)
  • 5 ASW helicopters
and various support, training and auxiliary vessels.

Portuguese Navy in 2017 (full fleet poster). For a high resolution image click here.

Finnish Navy (Finnish: Merivoimat, Swedish: Marinen)

The Finnish Navy in 2017 (updated) consists of the following warships:

  • 2 multi-mission minelayers (Hämeenmaa, Uusimaa)
  • 8 fast attack missile craft (Hamina, Tornio, Hanko, Pori, Rauma, Raahe, Porvoo, Naantali)
  • 3 minehunters (Katanpää, Purunpää, Vahterpää)
  • 3 minelayers/light cargo vessels (Pansio, Pyhäranta, Porkkala
  • 10 small mine-countermeasure vessels/minesweepers (Kuha 21, Kuha 23, Kuha 24, Kuha 26, Kiiski 1, Kiiski 3, Kiiski 4, Kiiski 5, Kiiski 6, Kiiski 7)
  • 3 cargo/transport vessels (Vaarlahti, Vänö, Kampela 3)
  • 1 multi-mission minelayer/light cargo vessel (Isku)
  • 1 multi-mission support ship (Louhi)
  • 2 landing craft/logistic support ships (Halli, Hylje)
  • 43 landing craft/patrol coastal boats
and various support, tugs, training and auxiliary vessels which during crisis time can perform various roles similarly to most of the Finnish naval vessels.

Finnish Navy in 2017 (full fleet depicted). For a high resolution image click here.


  1. Well I'm pleased to say you can soon remove the Royal Navy from your list of the Navy of the EU(SSR)

    1. That gives me the opportunity (and the reason) to create a new one. Thank you Ian!

  2. I guess a new WEU (Western European Union) should be created...

  3. Hiya really love this blog i was wondering could you please cover North Korea and ROK

    1. I am not planning to make North Korea fleet because it is kind obsolete and also it is not known how many ships are actually in service. Japan, India and South Korea are in my short term plans :-)