Thursday, 17 December 2015

FLEETS #15: Russian Navy

Some of the heaviest surface combatants of Russian Navy
today in formation, Marshal Ustinov in the foreground and
Peter the Great in the background.
The U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), published an excellent report accompanied by some very good graphs, about the current and future capabilities of Russia's maritime forces. ONI's most recent unclassified report on Russia's navy, The Russian Navy - A Historic Transition, looks historically and currently at the role played by Russian Naval forces. It is the first such report discussing the Russian Federation Navy by ONI since the seventh and last issue of Understanding Soviet Naval Developments published in 1991. Moreover, the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) is making available publicly two great tables, the one about the Russian Major Navy Forces by Fleet, Russian Major Navy Forces by Fleet (Continued) and Russian Navy New Constructions.
The Russian Federation Navy in 2015. High resolution image here.
Russian Major Navy Forces by Fleet (high resolution image)
Russian Major Navy Forces by Fleet - Continue (high resolution image)
Russian Navy New Constructions (high resolution image)
At the same time, published today an excellent article written by Patrick Truffer about The Development of Soviet/Russian Naval Capabilities after the Cold War. An awesome infographic by the blogger Louis Martin-V├ęzian of shows the drastic reduction of the Soviet/Russian naval forces, with regard of the quantity of the available naval equipment, since the collapse of the Soviet Union.The image is really big! Enjoy this awesome graph (honestly, an insane work, high resolution image here) by Louis!
High resolution image here


  1. This is probably the best quality analysis and data available for free!
    I sincerely thank you for the site and this article. For a layman this offers a good opportunity for further study and/or depth of understanding.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! More similar analyses for the Russian Navy will follow, especially about its new vessels.

  2. It is very pity that autor made the great and horrible mistake.The document is titled "The PLA Navy: New Capabilities and Missions for the 21st Century" have nothing common whith Russian fleet because PLA NAVY it is Chines Navy

    1. It is a pity that you want to show how smart you are but you are actually not.Everybody could understand that this sentence is copied from the intro of a previous article that refers to the PLA Navy. If you had spent 1' to check that this site has plenty of articles about Russian Navy and PLA Navy you would have realized that this was a mistake of forgetting deleting that sentence from the introduction. That's why nobody mentioned that after 5 yrs but.. you showed up :-)
      P.S. Did you check how many typos did you do? It is normal, relax.