Friday, 4 November 2016

PHOTO GALLERY #13: Blessas, fast attack craft of the Hellenic Navy

HS Laskos FACM. Photo: D-Mitch
On Friday, October 28, I had the opportunity to visit the fast attack craft P-21 Blessas, second vessel in the Laskos class (Combattante IIIA) of the Hellenic Navy. The vessels of the class were extensively modernized with the exception of their weapon systems (especially their obsolete MM38 Exocet anti-ship missiles) and handed over to the Navy the period 2008-2011, featuring the most cutting edge electronic systems similar to those of Roussen class, the latest and most advanced class of fast attack craft in service with the Hellenic Navy. However, some months ago, it was announced, that the Laskos class missile boats will receive the MM40 Block 2 Exocet, from the first three boats in the Roussen class, while the latter will receive the more advanced MM40 Block 3. HS Blessas, together with the Elli class frigate HS Kountouriotis (photo gallery here) and Type 209 submarine HS Pontos (photo gallery here) were opened to the public at Piraeus harbor due to the forthcoming celebration of Ohi Day (anniversary of the "No") to commemorate the rejection by Greek Prime Minister Metaxas of the ultimatum made by Italian dictator Mussolini on October 28, 1940 during WWII. It was very surprising to see so many people waiting to visit the vessels as the weather was a bit windy and rainy, and the most significant was that this public holiday fell on Friday (3-day weekend for public employees)! To learn more about the equipment, the armament and the capabilities of Laskos class click here. So, I hope you will enjoy the photos!

The three warships at Piraeus harbor
OTO Melara Compatto 76mm gun on Laskos's bow
View of the 3in gun and the bridge
The bridge of Laskos
The main mast of Laskos

LIROD director atop the bridge
Scout/Bridgemaster behind LIROD

Thales LIROD Mk2 tracking radar
The boat's superstructure
Mk135 decoy launcher covered
EMERLEC twin 30mm gun mount
People waiting to visit the boat
EMERLEC gun turrets
DR3000 ESM and Variant with integrated Scout
The two twin Exocet launchers

Twin Exocet SSM launcher

The two 533mm torpedo launchers
Torpedo launcher
View of the mast
The second 3in gun at the stern
Torpedo launcher and stern's 3in gun
Torpedo's launcher loading mechanism

MIRADOR sensor
MIRADOR EO -sensor
Frigate Kountouriotis and submarine Pontos as seen from Laskos
Torpedo launcher
Aboard Laskos


The two 30mm Oerlikon guns of EMERLEC

EMERLEC gun mount
Operator's cabin
RBOC equipment
RBOC launcher
TDS covered
Mount for MG3 light machine gun
Laskos, from stem-to-stern


  1. Nice photos D-Mitch! It would be much more intresting if instead Blessas, the refurbished FAC P-22 Mykonios was present on National Day at Piraeus:

    1. Let's hope that Mykonios will be there on December 6th!