Tuesday 13 June 2017

FLEETS #17: Spanish Navy, Polish Navy and Irish Naval Service today

Written by D-Mitch

This is the fifth article about various countries' navies today. In these articles, I briefly describe a country's naval fleet by reporting the ships in each type/category of warships and by providing a nice image where all the types of warships are illustrated and the units of its class are reported. I include the vessels that will enter in service this year and I have excluded those that are about to be decommissioned. I deliberately excluded many classes of auxiliary ships; those that they have "0" defence capacity and those that have secondary roles such as hydrographic survey ships, tugs, depollution vessels and training ships.

Spanish Navy (Armada Española)

The Spanish Navy in 2017 consists of the following warships:
  • 1 landing helicopter dock/aircraft carrier (Juan Carlos I)
  • 2 landing platform docks ships (Galicia, Castilla)
  • 5 destroyers (Álvaro de Bazán, Almirante Juan de Borbón, Blas de Lezo, Méndez Núñez, Cristóbal Colón)
  • 3 attack submarines (Galerna, Mistral, Tramontana)
  • 6 frigates (Santa María, Victoria, Numancia, Reina Sofía, Navarra, Canarias)
  • 8 offshore patrol vessels (Meteoro, Rayo, Relámpago, Tornado, Aydaz, Infanta Elena,
    Infanta Cristina, Cazadora)
  • 7 patrol vessels (Serviola, Centinela, Vigía, Atalaya, Alborán, Arnomendi, Tarifa)
  • 8 coastal patrol vessels (Tagomago, Medas, Tabarca, Toralla, Formentor, Cabo Fradera, and two others)
  • 6 mine counter-measure vessels (Segura, Sella, Tambre, Turia, Duero, Tajo)
  • 2 replenishment/logistic support ships (Patiño, Cantabria)
  • 1 submarine rescue vessel (Neptuno)
  • 1 signals intelligence ship (Alerta)
  • 3 transport ships (Contramaestre Casado, Martín Posadillo, El Camino Español)
  • about 13 fighters and about 30 helicopters
 and several other auxiliaries such as salvage vessels, landing craft, transport and training ships.

Spanish Navy in 2017 (full fleet depicted). For a high resolution image click here.

Polish Navy (Marynarka Wojenna)

The Polish Navy in 2017 consists of the following warships:

  • 2 frigates (Generał Kazimierz Pułaski, Generał Tadeusz Kościuszko)
  • 5 attack submarines (Orzeł, Sokół, Sęp, Bielik, Kondor)
  • 2 corvettes of which the first one will enter in service initially as an offshore patrol vessel (Ślązak, Kaszub)
  • 3 fast attack misisle craft (Orkan, Piorun, Grom)
  • 5 landing ships/minelayers (Lublin, Gniezno, Kraków, Poznań, Toruń)
  • 1 oiler (Baltyk
  • 1 logistic support ship (Kontradmiral Xawery Czernicki)
  • 1 training/escort ship (Wodnik)
  • 20 mine counter-measure vessels (Kormoran, Flaming, Mewa, Czajka, Gardno, Bukowo, Dąbie, Jamno, Mielno, Wicko, Resko , Sarbsko, Necko, Nakło, Drużno, Hańcza, Mamry, Wigry, Śniardwy, Wdzydze)
  • 2 signals intelligence ships (Nawigator, Hydrogaf )
  • about 8 aircraft and 21 helicopters
 and several other auxiliaries such as salvage vessels, survey and training ships.

Polish Navy in 2017 (full fleet depicted). For a high resolution image click here.

Irish Naval Service (an tSeirbhís Chabhlaigh)

The Irish Naval Service in 2018 consists of the following warships:

  • 7 offshore patrol vessels (Samuel Beckett, James Joyce, William Butler Yeats, George Bernard Shaw, Eithne, Róisín, Niamh)
  • 2 coastal patrol vessels (Orla, Ciara)
 andfew training vessels

Irish Naval Service in 2018 (full fleet depicted). For a high resolution image click here.


  1. There is an error, because Poland have 48 F-16 aircrafts.

    1. My friend, it is about Navy. My page is about naval fleets. The graph has the title Polish Navy. Does Polish Navy have F16s?? No.

  2. Can you please do North Korea and South Korea

    1. For sure I will make one for S. Korea. Not for N. Korea though as the fleet is very obsolete and it is not known which ships are serviceable.

    2. D-Mitch... can you also make one for the Philippine Navy, I know their fleet is also obsolete and "hand me downs", but they are doing some modernization, a bit slow though, please and thank you, very much appreciated.

    3. I will make one my friend, yes! Perhaps it will be included in the next FLEETS ;-)

  3. First of all great job, but,
    Could you please update the spanish navy they publish a new fleet list in december 2021.