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PHOTO GALLERY #15: Psara, frigate of the Hellenic Navy

HS Psara, Hydra class frigate of the Hellenic Navy. Photo: D-Mitch
The second warship that I visited on Friday, October 27 (see previous post here), which was opened to the public at Piraeus harbor due to the forthcoming celebration of Ohi Day (anniversary of the "No"), was a Hydra class frigate, the HS Psara. Frigate Psara was commissioned in December of 1998 and she is the third vessel in the class. The four vessels of the Hydra class (MEKO 200HN) frigates are the most powerful surface combatants in the Hellenic Navy today and the only ones equipped with a 5in gun as well as with a vertical launching system for Evolved Sea Sparrow Missiles (ESSM). A complete article about the class will follow in the near future. Meanwhile, enjoy more than 50 photos from my visit! I would like to thank the crew for the guided tour in the ship's various compartments but especially a big thank to a young Petty Officer on the bridge who was a real expert on reporting the systems onboard, showing that he really loves his job!

HS Psara, frigate of the Hellenic Navy. Photo: D-Mitch

Bow view of HS Psara

The forward Phalanx and the bridge
The foremast with MW08 radar

The Mk45 5-inch gun of Psara

The forward Phalanx and the bridge
Phalanx CIWS
Bridge and MG3 machine gun mount
Another mount for 0.30in machine gun
MG3 mount
The pennant number of the ship
Mk141 Harpoon launcher amidships
Foremast and Harpoon

The port Harpoon launcher amidships of HS Psara
Harris APECS II ECM system and Harpoon launcher

Mk32 triple torpedo launcher
Mk32 triple torpedo launcher
The helicopter hangar with the aft Phalanx CIWS atop
View of the hangar. The VLS which is atop of it cannot be seen.

The DE 1160 VDS covered

The foremast

Towed sonar and mount for MG3
View of the stern

The aft Phalanx CIWS and behind it the VLS for 16 ESSM

Stern of Psara

View of Psara's stern

Hangar's door for one S-70 helicopter
Forward Phalanx CIWS

Bridge and Mk36 SRBOC decoy launchers
Loading instructions for Mk46 torpedoes
The flight deck of frigate Psara

The helicopter hangar of the frigate
Phalanx and DA08 radar

Bridgemaster and forward STIR FCS
View from the foredeck
Mk45 gun turret
Mk45 gun turret with 5in gun
The bridge with a Phalanx at the front of it

The Mk45 Mod 2A five-inch gun of frigate Psara
Back part of Mk45 gun mount
Close-up photo of the gun turret

STIR, Decca and MW08 radars
Two of the four sextuple decoy launchers
STIR fire control system
Thales TDS
Mk45 gun turret and Phalanx CIWS
Phalanx CIWS

The expert and TDS!
Thales DA08 radar

Quadruple Harpoon launcher with all canisters loaded

Thales DA08 radar
Matrozos, as seen from Psara
Bridgemaster navigation radar
Details of the mast with Argo AR 700 ESM below the MW08 radar

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