Wednesday 3 October 2018

The new eyes of the Hellenic Navy: Miltech Hellas TDR-10 ADVANCED

Miltech Hellas TDR-10 ADVANCED, the new Greek advanced electro-optical sensor!
All photos were taken today during my visit to the company.
This is an update on the latest news regarding the equipping of Hellenic Navy warships with new electro-optical sensors. In the article The new eyes of the Hellenic Navy Fleet: Miltech Hellas TDR-10 and IRB-75, I reported that a sensor designed and produced by Miltech Hellas, the TDR-10 model, has equipped three Hellenic Navy gunboats and one frigate while 15 (!) more systems of the advanced model TDR-10A, a completely new system, will equip other warships of the Fleet (offset commitment by Raytheon). The TDR-10 electro-optical (EO) sensor has proved an excellent EO sensor after being intensively tested by the Hellenic Navy. The dual-axis gyro stabilized platform mounted system (pan-tilt unit HI-PTU100-DSG), designed by Hellenic Instruments, is equipped with a high performance 3rd generation cooled sensor with a high resolution detector, a laser rangefinder (up to 10km), motorized thermal lens, GPS and a high resolution day camera full HD. The whole system weighs less than 15kg while approximately 9kg is the weight of the pan-tilt unit. A terrific system all Made in Greece!  


The successor to the TDR-10 though, the TDR-10A, is a completely new system as it was mentioned earlier, with superior capabilities which exceed by far the capabilities of any current electro-optical sensor in service with the Hellenic Navy. The MIL-TDR-10A, similarly to its predecessor, consists of a high performance 3rd generation cooled sensor with a high resolution detector, an advanced laser rangefinder (up to 30km!), motorized thermal lens, GPS and a high resolution day camera full HD. The whole system weighs approximately 22kg (12.7kg is the weight of the pan-tilt unit), 7kg more than the TDR-10 but with up to two times its performance
Psara, one of the Hydra class frigates that will receive the TDR-10A. Photo: Nick Thodos
TDR-10A, the successor of TDR-10
Between the two payloads there is
enough space for additional equipment
Furthermore, the new model differs from the previous one as the high performance HD cooled thermal imaging camera is separate from the rest of the sensors, i.e. the laser-rangefinder, thermal lens and HD camera. The system features a new precision tracking pedestal, with an extremely high stabilization accuracy, which is produced by the company itself. TDR-10A is an advanced system entirely designed and produced by Miltech and most important a system made entirely in Greece at an extremely competitive price!

Touch screens and joystick
An uncooled camera can be added
to the system, between the payloads
The operator's console

To operate the system, the operator uses a touch screen and a joystick. Two touch screens accompanied by one joystick each, one at the bridge and one at the Combat Information Center (CIC) (also known as the Operations Room) will equip each ship that will be outfitted with the new system. It is worth mentioning that the new system has enough space to receive additional equipment or further modifications.

Comparison of the two systems, TDR-10 and TDR-10A
MLT-TDR-10 on Polemistis,
gunboat of Pirpolitis class
MLT-TDR-10 on Salamis,
frigate of Hydra class
We can assume that TDR-10A will equip the sole gunboat today that lacks EO-sensor (Navmachos) as well as the remaining three Hydra-class frigates. Regarding the remaining 11 systems, we can speculate that they will equip front line surface combatants, such as the three non-upgraded Kortenaer/Elli class frigates, the five Kavaloudis class missile boats and three other warships which could be boats of the S148 class (former-missile boats), Zubr class LCAC (not Kerkyra) and others. The new system will definitely boost the ships' surveillance, detection, identification, tracking and navigation capabilities. We should mention also that TDR-10A is the first system that will be installed on Hydras, as part of their modernization programme. Perhaps, the older TDR-10 will be removed from Salamis in the future and replaced by the advanced model instead of equipping the Navmachos gunboat with the new one...
TDR-10 on Kasos, Pirpolitis class gunboat
TDR-10A on Navmachos
After the success of TDR-10, Miltech developed the TDR-10A
Recently, Miltech Hellas, won the contract to install new electro-optical sensors on the three Sa'ar 4 class offshore patrol vessels of the Hellenic Coast Guard. The new day/night surveillance systems will be equipped with an even more advanced HD cooled thermal imaging camera than the one on the TDR-10A model in order to identify very small objects in a long distance. The new multi-sensors will replace the old Rafael TopLite systems on the ships' main mast. The system is under development.

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