Sunday, 7 July 2019

PHOTO GALLERY #28: Thetis, multi-mission ocean patrol vessel of the Royal Danish Navy

HDMS Thetis of the Royal Danish Navy
Another gallery of photos which were taken during my visit to Kiel, on 21st and 22th of June, the first days of the 137th Kiel Week (see previous post about Kieler Woche). One of the many visiting warships that had returned from the NATO BALTOPS (Baltic Operations) Exercise, was Thetis, the lead ship of the Thetis class multi-mission ocean patrol vessels of the Royal Danish Navy. The class comprises four ships, all built and commissioned in the early 1990s. The ships' tasks are mainly maintenance of sovereignty, search and rescue, fishery inspection and support to local authorities. The ships each have double-skinned ice-reinforced hulls so that the ships can break through 80 centimeters (31 in) of solid ice. The ships of the class have receive several upgrades lately, including a new Scanter radar on a reconverted mast, new electronics and a reconverted hangar that accommodates RHIBs in the enclosed deck. The HDMS Thetis serves as staff ship for the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasure Group One (SNMCMG1). It was a good opportunity for visitors to admire in person the latest Saab MCM equipment in service with the Royal Danish Navy. The 112-meter Thetis was laid down in October 1988 by Svendborg Skibsv√¶rft launched in July 1989 and commissioned on July 1, 1991. Enjoy photos! 

HDMS Thetis of the Royal Danish Navy. Behind there are two Perry class frigates.
The new mast and CEROS 200 FCS
The Leonardo 3in gun of Thetis
The port side of the vessel
Enclosed RIB hangar
The stern door of the vessel
Flight deck

The helicopter hangar.
The Mine Counter Measures (MCM) Denmark
Saab Danish Mine Disposal Charge (DAMDIC)
Saab Double Eagle MkII ROV
Divers equipment for minehunting operations
Saab Double Eagle MkII ROV

Saab AUV system for mine reconnaissance
One of the two RIBs the ship carries
Port side MG3
Port side MG3
The bridge of Thetis
The very modern bridge of the vessel
Starboard MG3
Close-up of MG3
Thetis, current flagship of SNMCMG1

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