Wednesday, 2 October 2019

PHOTO GALLERY #30: Admiral Makarov, Admiral Grogorovich class frigate of the Russian Navy

Photos by Γ.Μ.
Admiral Makarov, an Admiral Grigorovich-class frigate
In this post you will enjoy some very good photos of Admiral Makarov, the latest Admiral Grigorovich-class (pr. 11356M) multi-mission frigate of the Russian Navy Black Sea Fleet, during her visit in Kerkyra (Corfu), as part of the 17th Hellenic -Russian Week in the Ionian Islands. Admiral Makarov was commissioned in December 27, 2017 and she is the third and morel likely the final vessel in the class, as the two incomplete vessels (4th and 5th) will be purchased by India for completion while the future of the 6th vessel is not known. The general characteristics of the class is a displacement of approximately 4,000t at full load, length of 124.8m, beam of 15.2m, maximum speed of 30 knots and a range of 4,850n.m. with the speed of 14 knots. Because some systems are not visible, it should be mentioned that the ship is equipped with among others a bow sonar (MGK-335EM-03) and a towed sonar array (Vignette-EM). The crew is 180-200. Enjoy photos of this quite heavily armed frigate!
The A190-01 100mm main naval gun of the ship
The bow of the ship with the Red Star on the side
The name of the gun is.. Valentina!
Rear view of the 100mm gun mount
The electronic equipment atop the bridge. From left to right: Pal-N navigation radar,
5P-10E fire control system, 3Ts-25E air/surface search radar

The electronic equipment, from left to right: MR-90 SAM fire control system,
MR-212/201 navigation radar,
air/surface search radar, Pal-N navigation radar,
5P-10E fire control system (Puma), 3Ts-25E
(Garpun-B) air/surface search radar
The bridge of Admiral Makarov
Salute gun and depth charges
RBU-6000 12-tube rocket launcher, part of the RPK-8E weapon system
The rocket launcher is loaded with 90R 212mm anti-submarine guided rockets
or RBG-60 unguided depth charges
From left to right, an MR-90 FCS, 5P-10E Puma FCS, SP-520 visor
The main mast with three MR-212/-201-1 (Vaigach-U) and Pal-N navigation radars
and the MR-760 Fregat M2EM air/surface search radar
The main mast with the Fregat-M2EM 3D radar at the top
DF antenna (ESM) of the ΤΚ-25E-5 ESM/ECM system
View of the superstructure with three of the four MR-90 SAM FCS visible
On the the left of the photo an antenna of the ΤΚ-25E-5 ESM/ECM complex and on
the right, higher, an MR-90 (3R90) SAM FCS
Antenna of the ΤΚ-25E-5 radioelectronic suppression complex
and below, higher, an MR-90 (3R90) SAM FCS
Antenna of the ΤΚ-25E-5 shipborne electronic suppression system
The Fregat-M2EM 3D radar provides target detection,
determination of their coordinates and tracking
Two modules of twelve (2×12) 3S90E.1 VLS each for 9М317М (Shtil-1) SAM.
On the left there is an octuple UKSK (3S14) VLS for Kalibr-NK 3M54T
AShM and 3M14T LACM
DTA-53-11356 533mm twin torpedo launcher
DTA-53-11356 533mm twin torpedo launcher for
SET-65E ASW torpedoes and 53-65KE anti-ship torpedoes
One of the two DTA-53-11356 twin torpedo launchers
Torpedo loading mechanism
Two MR90 FCS and crane for the RHIB
Crane and RHIB at the starboard
KT-216 decoy launcher of the PK-10 decoy launching system
View of the ship and its refueling system
MR-352 Pozitiv-M1.2 air/surface target acquisition radar atop the hangar,
electro-optical sensor below and one of the two AK-630M 30mm CIWS
The hangar door to the left. At the the right an electro-optical
sensor above an AK-630M 30mm CIWS
Another view of the EO-sensor and the AK-630M gun mount
Another view of the EO-sensor. The same system has been installed
recently on Moskva, Slava-class cruiser
The ship was carrying a Ka-27PL helciopter named Verba
The naval jack of the Russian Federation!


  1. ''MR-352 Pozitiv-M1.2 air/surface target acquisition radar atop the hangar''
    no. that is 'Mineral-M' or 'Monolith'(?) active/passive radar system (ie surface search radar + ELINT system) = target aquisition for Oniks guided missile system

    1. There is no Oniks on the Grigorovich frigates. Also, there is not even one source that reports the existence of Monolit/Mineral radar on them. I believe it is Positiv radar.

    2. This blog also says it s the dome of Positiv