Saturday 11 April 2020

VIKING Norsafe wins Hellenic Navy tender for 11 RIBs

Each MEKO 200/Hydra class frigate carriers a single RIB
On Wednesday, April 1, VIKING Norsafe Life-Saving Equipment Hellas S.A. was officially declared the winning bidder in a Hellenic Navy tender covering eleven (11) customized METIS Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) between 6 and 7 meters in length. The eleven boats will replace existing RIBs, already in service with MEKO/Hydra class, Kortenaer/Elli class frigates and/or other ships in the Fleet. Each frigate carriers a single RIB and one (Kortenaer) or two (Hydra) workboats. The new RIBs will be deployed predominantly to support search and rescue (SAR) operations. The delivery of the  vessels is scheduled for Summer 2020. The boats will be fabricated using the successful design of the VIKING Norsafe METIS. Six (6) of them will be fitted with a single outboard engine and five (5) with twin outboard engines, as well as with state-of-the-art navigation navigation equipment. They will be able to sustain a top speed of at least 30 knots, even fully loaded and can carry at least ten persons on board.

Each Kortenaer/Elli class frigate carriers a single RIB
The construction of all boats will take place at the VIKING Norsafe facilities in Thiva, Greece. Following their construction and supply, VIKING Norsafe Hellas will be responsible for the technical support and maintenance. This is a second deal between the Hellenic Navy and the company’s Greek branch VIKING Norsafe Life-Saving
Equipment Hellas S.A. The Hellenic Navy has chosen the same model, METIS RIB, as daughter craft, dedicated for Search and Rescue (SAR) operations, following the successful commissioning of a pair of METIS 600, fitted with twin MERCURY 115 O/Bs, for the new 6th and 7th Roussen class fast attack missile craft (FACM), Karathanasis (P78) and Vlahakos (P79). Karathanasis is almost complete and will join the Navy this year.

VIKING Norsafe (non-customized) METIS 600 RIB
“I would like to congratulate our team for their dedication and hard work in putting together this successful tender,” said John Georgiadis Managing Director, VIKING Norsafe Life-Saving Equipment Hellas. “We were up against some very tough and well-established competitors, but our team did the very best in order to meet and even exceed some very strict and specific requirements of the Hellenic Navy,” he continued.
Photos from the sea trials on July 23, 2019, of the 6th Roussen class FACM
“This is a great tender to win, and an important milestone that will further strengthen our position in this market segment. Being based on the very successful VIKING Norsafe METIS family of RHIBs, these boats will be easy to launched, highly maneuverable and versatile, in order to support SAR operations,” said Endre Eidsvik, VP Sales & Service in Viking Norsafe. More about VIKING Norsafe Life-Saving Equipment Hellas S.A. here.


  1. Χρηστος Ανεστη,Χρονια Πολλα Υγεια
    Δεν εχω λογαριασμο στο twiter, σε σημερινη αναρητηση του Aegean Hauk π αφορα την πυραυλακατο P75 Μαριδακης μαλλον διεκρινα πισω απο τους εκτοξευτες τον νεο ηλεκτροπτικο αισθητηρα της Miltech , δεν μπορω ν ανεβασω την φωτο

    1. Αληθώς Ανέστη! Πάντα με υγεία επίσης!
      Ναι, την έχω δει τη φωτογραφία όπως και άλλες. Ο αισθητήρας έχει τοποθετηθεί στον μικρό ιστό πίσω στις S148, όμοια με Καβαλούδης.
      Σε ευχαριστώ για το σχόλιό σου Δημήτρη,