Wednesday, 29 July 2020

PHOTO GALLERY #34: Karathanasis, fast attack craft of the Hellenic Navy

Ypoploiarchos Karathanasis, the new FACM of Greece
In this new photo gallery I share the photos I took on two different days of the new 6th Roussen-class fast attack missile craft (FACM) of the Hellenic Navy, Ypoploiarchos Karathanasis (P-78). The new boat was named after Lieutenant Christodoulos Karathanasis who was killed on 31 January 1996, during the Imia crisis, when the AB 212 helicopter PN 21 crashed into the sea. The first six photos were taken while I was onboard the new general support ship Heracles (A-472) on July 2 during a Photographic Exercise (Photex), when Karathanasis was on her final sea trials. The rest of the photos, 30 in total, were taken during the naming ceremony of the ship on July 28. Finally, I have included also at the end of the post seven photos which were taken on these two days by the Hellenic Navy. Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to visit the ship neither I had enough time to take more photos; I hope I will do that in the near future and thus to learn more about her differences from her older sisters in the class and subsequently to enrich this article with more photos. Enjoy!

Karathanasis on sea trials. In this photo I spotted for the first
time the new ESM on the mast (see my tweet here)

Karathanasis on sea trials
Note the anscense of the missile canisters and the new Stir
Another view of Karathanasis
Karathanasis on July 2, 2020
Karathanasis as it sails to Amphiali, Salamis Naval Base
Naming ceremony for Ypoploiarchos Karathanasis
The Vigile series ESM that replaced the old DR 3000.
During that day I confirmed that the system is the Vigile 100.

Close-up photo of the Vigile 100, the Scout LPI radar and
the MW08 radar

Another view of Karathanasis before the naming ceremony starts
Close up photo of the new Stir 1.2 EO Mk2 fire control system
Another photo of the new Stir 1.2 which in the past was reported as Sting.
This is a new version of the system.

Naming ceremony
Naming ceremony
The name of the ship is officially revealed
The crew stands on board
The Leonardo (former OTO Melara) 76mm Super Rapido gun
View of the superstructure
View of the superstructure
Searchlight, Target Designation Sight and MG3 machine gun
View of the superstructure
Stir 1.2 EO Mk2, SCOUT and Bridgemaster in common antenna,
MW08, Vigile 100 and MIRADOR

Bow view of Karathanasis
Details of its electronic equipment
View of the superstructure
Closer photo of the mast and the new FCS
The sensors of the new FACM
View of the superstructure
View of the bridge with the Stir 1.2 atop
The two Leonardo 30mm single naval mountings
Close up photo of the 30mm remote weapon stations with local
control if it is required

The boat has a new RIB in comparison with the older vessels. The new
craft is a VIKING Norsafe Metis 600 RIB. See more here.
Rear view of the superstructure with the Mirador EO sensor,
the 30mm guns, the crane and the RIB

The platforms (launchers) for the Exocet canisters
The boat will receive quite soon eight MBDA MM-40 Exocet Block III
guided anti-ship missiles with a range of more than 180 km (!)

Selected photos that were released by the official website of the Hellenic Navy on these two days.

View of Karathanasis on July 2. Photo by Hellenic Navy
View of Karathanasis on July 2 as it sails on its homeport.
Photo by Hellenic Navy
The 6th Roussen among her sisters! Photo by Hellenic Navy
The crew ready to man the new missile boat. Photo by Hellenic Navy
The son of Lieutenant Karathanasis names the boat
RAM Mk 31 Guided Missile Weapon System
Ypoploiarchos Karathanasis (P-78)


  1. Eμεις μπορει να αφησαμε πισω το ΕSM DR3000, αλλα οι τουρκοι το εβαλαν στο αεροσκαφος ATR-72/600 TMPA του προγραμματος MELTEM-III Project που παρελαβαν προσφατα:

    1. Έχει ήδη ειπωθεί αυτό, πριν 3 μέρες Σε κάθε περίπτωση πρόκειται για σύστημα των αρχών του '90 οπότε σίγουρα to τουρκικό αποτελεί εξέλιξη του ιδίου αφού δεν παράγεται πλέον και το έχει διαδεχθεί το σύστημα Vigile.

    2. ΟK, εδω ομως εχουμε επισημη επιβεβαιωση απο τουρκικη πηγη. Επισης στο αρθρο αναφερεται οτι η επι του αεροσκαφους εκδοση θα εχει και χρηση RWR...

    3. Ναι! Η εικόνα που παρέθεσα είναι από την κρατική SSB. Σε κάθε περίτπωση, αποτελεί εξέλιξη του DR3000 αφού υπάρχει χάσμα μεταξύ τους περίπου 25 έτη. Θα ήταν όχι μόνο κουτό αλλά και αδύνατο να είναι το ίδιο σύστημα σε πλατφόρμα του 2020. Εγώ στην αρχή νόμισα ότι το είχαν μόνο για προσομοίωση για ευνόητους λόγους. Δεν είχα φανταστεί ότι ήταν επί αεροσκάφους.