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SuperTermoli (ST) 60 MMI - The successor of Hellenic Navy UDC's ST60 fast interceptor

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SuperTermoli (ST) 60 MMI
In a previous post we described the
ST60 interceptor, the only real interceptor craft in the SOC fleet, designed by the manufacturer SuperTermoli and built in Greece. SuperTermoli is a high-speed vessel manufacturing company based in Kallithea, Attica. The construction of the boats takes place in a shipyard in the area of Schimatari, Boeotia. The technologies and expertise of SuperTermoli have given rise to a vessel comparable to a supercar: tremendously fast, but also able to navigate safely at cruising speeds substantially above the upper limits of many other boats! This line of models is high-speed powerboats made of fiberglass specifically designed for special operations. Depending on the engines installed, they can reach a top speed of more than 70 knots even in rough waters and can carry maximum 20 people for special missions. SuperTermoli powerboats are made οf Italian technology and represent the state of the art of shipbuilding and mechanical engineering for boating in order to offer reliability and endurance under extreme situations that long-range operations demand, maintaining speeds of 60 knots. In this article we will reveal more information about the successor design, the ST60 Multi-Mission Interceptor (MMI), a more advanced craft with increased capabilities than the initial ST60.

The ST60MMI boasts a range of systems facilities and options including Raymarine e125 Chartplotter, Raymarine AIS 650 (A/B receiver & B Sander), Raymarine Ray240 VHF, FLIR M-Series Night Vision Thermal Camera, Raymarine Open Array Super HD radar 4kW 48“, Glomex VHF & AIS antennas, 8“ Display, Digital SEATEK TRONIK engine monitoring system, Electro-hydraulic Power Steering ESPE 1500, Rudder indicator on Autopilot Controller, Manual trim tabs with indicated manual control, Synchronization system to the engine revolution, Engine and gear ALARMS, Three (3) bilge pumps Auto and Manual + Bilge Alarm and a variety of navigation, INTERCOM, SATCOM, radio and communication systems available to end user specification.  

As we reported in the previous article, the new model, thanks to its advanced design, exceeds the 70 knots even with the exact same engines of the older model while it can carry a load of more than 10t. Ιt is a speedboat with basic material made of advanced composite materials based on polyester isophthalic resins. Note that the cockpit can receive anti-ballistic protection of Level 3.

Aiming at high operational speed and the increase of radius, the propulsion system consists of:
  • 2-4 x engines (depending on the horsepower) SEATEK or MAN (800hp - 2.000hp). For example it is offered with 4 x 800hp SEATEK diesel engines or 2 x 1300hp MAN V8 engines.
  • 2-4 x Gearboxes - Reversers ZF
  • 2-4 x Drive shabs (cardan shab)
  • 1-2 x Set (2 feet) JOLLY DRIVE SPECIAL surface drives
  • 2-4 x surface SILPROP propellers
  • 1-2 x Electronic control ZF 

The stern can accommodate a small RIB

The new model has high quality, and suitable for shock absorption SHOXS 8100 special seats for 12 to 20 people, depending on the the installed armament on the bow deck at the lower deck while at the upper deck can host 8 people on Ermioni Spartan Mil. and Jockey Mil. seats; at least 20 people can be seated. A WC compartment and cargo space are also at the lower deck. On the stern of the boat a small tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) can be accommodated or a small swimmer delivery vehicle for frogmen or a small rigid inflatable boat (RIB).


Sea deFNder RWS
SeaProtector RWS
In contrast to its predecessor, a variety of weapon systems, including fully automated giro stabilized remote-weapon stations (RWS) can be installed on the boat as well as the usual pedestal mounted weapons up to 0.50cal, to ensure full 360 degree cover when operating in a fire support role. According to the manufacturer, various RWS can be installed on the bow and on top of the boat  such as the Sea deFNder of FN Herstal, SeaProtector of Konsberg, the Lionfish series RWS of Leonardo, the Narwhal of Nexter Systems, and others similar weapon stations equipped with 7.62mm, 12.7mm or even 20mm guns.


There are already foreign navies and maritime security organizations that have expressed interest in the new design. The total cost of such a boat reaches the €2.5 million. The Hellenic Navy could take a look at this interesting and quite capable design built in Greece in order to boost the SOC Fleet's capabilities or to replace older vessels. Due to its armament and high speed it could be of interest of the Hellenic Coast Guard too. We wish the Greek company every success in its efforts!

SuperTermoli (ST) 60 MMI

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