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VIKING Norsafe MUNIN S1200 Tactical of the Hellenic Army Special Forces

Written by D-Mitch

VIKING Norsafe MUNIN S1200 Tactical of the Hellenic Army
This short article is about another craft made by VIKING Norsafe Hellas, the MUNIN S1200 Tactical, that will serve with the Hellenic Army Special Forces. Until now, among other products, the Greek company has delivered one (1) MUNIN S1200 Cabin, four (4) MARATHON 900 RIB-D and eight (8) MUNIN S1200 Extended Cabin to the Hellenic Coast Guard, one (1) MUNIN S1200 Open to the Hellenic Army, thirteen (13) METIS 600 RIB and three (3) METRON 850 to the Hellenic Navy. All vessels were built locally in Greece at the manufacturing plant of VIKING Norsafe Hellas in Thiva. The Tactical is the second vessel that will be delivered to the Hellenic Army for the Special Forces and is part of an old tender for four vessels of four different manufacturers, for the Hellenic Army. 

The decision (in Greek)
The tender (Nov 2019)
The Hellenic Army has received an  Oceanic Stealth 120B from ENIA, a Rafnar 1100 Cabin Assault by Rafnar Hellas and a Munin S1200 Open by VIKING Norsafe Hellas but not a fourth vessel due to some issues with the fourth manufacturer. VIKING was awarded also the construction of the fourth vessel and will deliver the MUNIN S1200 Tactical, a vessel based on S1200 OPEN but with a large closed cabin in order to accommodate all the persons on board.

Oceanic Stealth 120B by ENIA (left), 1100 Cabin Assault by Rafnar Hellas (center) and Munin S1200 Open by VIKING Norsafe Hellas (right) of the Hellenic Army. Photo By D-Mitch.

Note that on December 14, 2021, Greece signed a framework agreement with VIKING Norsafe Hellas on the procurement of 41 MUNIN S-1200 Armored speedboats for Hellenic Army amphibious raider squadrons of Greece's Joint Special Operations Command, plus seven years of initial follow-on support (FOS). The first vessel has not yet been constructed. More details here.

VIKING Norsafe MUNIN S1200 Tactical
The MUNIN S1200 Tactical is powered by a triple Mercury Verado 400hp

The outboard installation
View of the cabin
The MUNIN S1200 Tactical has an overall length of 12m, beam of 3.5m and maximum draft of 0.9 m. The craft has a top speed of more than 50kt at full load. The boat is powered by a triple Mercury Verado 400 hp outboard installation. It is capable of carrying 14 persons inside its pilot house of which two (the crew), on shock mitigation seats while the rest on twelve (12) jockey-type seats

View of the cabin, the outboard installation and the sensors of S1200 Tactical

Pilot house
Simrad 9’’ GO9XSE MFD

The vessel has provision for two machine guns fitted on pedestals behind the cabin. Hull is made of vinyl ester infused fiberglass sandwich. Core material is high density divinicell and layers are quadra directional mats. The deck is also made of infused fiberglass sandwich but with lower weight and density of the building materials. The hull is a two stepped deep-V type with transom with shock mitigation, stability and maneuverability, built to provide optimal sea keeping ability at all speeds and in all conditions. A heavy duty polyethylene fender, protected by a double skin of reinforced PVC, protects the hull by absorbing impacts. The deck is covered with heavy duty anti-slip surface. Below the deck are the fuel tanks with 1,140 lts (3 x 380lts) capacity.

The seats for 14 personnel in the cabin

The electronic equipment of the boat is provided by Navico and includes Simrad Halo 24 navigation radar, Simrad 9’’ GO9 XSE Mutlifuntion Display, Ritchie 100 mm magnetic compass, Simrad RS40 Marine VHF Radio Class D and AIRMAR P79 depth transducer. On the rooftop there are antennas for VHF and GPS, navigation lights, EPIRB, loud hailer and a LED remotely controlled searchlight. There is provision for a forward RWS and FLIR.

View of the cockpit

The cockpit of MUNIN S1200 Tactical

In the future six (6) MUNIN S1200 types will serve with the Hellenic Army and Hellenic Coast Guard (Cabin, Extended Cabin, Open, Tactical, Armored + one more sub-type).

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