Wednesday, 27 April 2022

INFOGRAPHICS #56: The new European surface combatant designs, 2023-2029

The following table, was created together with Eptanisios, and includes all the known European surface combatant designs, destroyers, frigates and corvettes, that are under construction or under development, and are expected to enter service by 2029. The types/classes are listed in decreasing size (length and displacement) from left to right. As you can read also "bigger doesn't mean always stronger"! For some of them, the newest designs, the technical characteristics and armaments are not the exact ones. Note also that Russian designs are not included. Also Ukrainian designs are excluded too because it is uncertain if the shipbuilding process will continue (Ada-class). The winning designs of the Romanian and Greek corvette programs will be included in the table as soon as the result is known. It should be clarified also that some of the designs may do not carry 20-30mm RWS (such as the Type 31/AH140PL) but they do carry 40mm guns which cover both roles, CIWS and protection against asymmetrical threats, and the opposite. You can enjoy the infographics of some of the designs included in the table, here.

New European surface combatant designs, 2023-2029.

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