Sunday, 6 December 2015

PHOTO GALLERY #8: Pipinos, submarine of the Hellenic Navy

S121 Pipinos, second of the Papanikolis class
Today, December 6th of 2015, Hellenic Navy celebrates the feast day of its patron Saint, Saint Nicholas and the anniversary of the Balkan Wars (1912-13) naval battles. As such day of the year is a great opportunity for citizens of Athens and Piraeus to visit warships of Hellenic Navy that visit Piraeus for three days (Dec 4-6) to pay tribute to the patron saint of sailors and to give the opportunity to the citizens to "learn more" about their country's Navy. Once again for the second time in a row I was there! S121 Pipinos, is the second submarine of the Papanikolis class (Type 214 designation for the Hellenic Navy) of the Hellenic Navy, the most advanced submarines currently in service with Hellenic Navy and a class of one of the most advanced submarines in this category (diesel-electric/conventional submarine). The name pays tribute to Andreas Pipinos who was a fighter in the Greek War of Independence, noted for his success with fireships. This is the second submarine of Type 214 class I have visited (Papanikolis was my first!). Enjoy more than 20 photos of the boat!

Pipinos at the front of frigate Kountouriotis
S121 Pipinos
S121 Pipinos
S121 Pipinos at the front of frigate Kountouriotis
Sonar dome and hatches for the two of the eight torpedo tubes are visible
Sail and hoistable devices
Sail and hoistable devices
S120 Pipinos, Type 214 submarine of the Hellenic Navy
Sail of Pipinos
Sail of Pipinos
Sail and hoistable devices
Upper rudder
Passive ranging sonar
ESM mast to the far left
As seen from frigate Kountouriotis
Snorkel mast to the far right
The sail houses periscopes, communication antennas, radar, electronic
support measures (ESM) mast and snorkel mast
Sail and open hatch
Carl Zeiss SERO 14 search periscope/optronic mast
Dozens of people are waiting in the line to enter the boat
Pipinos forward of frigate Kountouriotis


  1. Το καρουμπαλακι στην υπερκατασκευη κατω απο την ταμπελα με το ονομα του υ/β και ακριβως πισω απ το 100 του δεικτη
    τι ακριβως ειναι ? Επισης μπροστα απο το 90 τι ειναι ? θυριδα προσβασιμοτητας κλειστη ?

    1. Δυστυχώς δεν γνωρίζω να σας απαντήσω αγαπητέ. Για τα υποβρύχια οι γνώσεις μου είναι λιγότερες εν συγκρίσει με τα σκάφη επιφανείας.

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