Sunday, 6 December 2015

PHOTO GALLERY #9: Roussen, fast attack craft of the Hellenic Navy

Roussen, lead ship of the Roussen class FACM
Today, December 6th of 2015, Hellenic Navy celebrates the feast day of its patron Saint, Saint Nicholas and the anniversary of the Balkan Wars (1912-13) naval battles. As such day of the year is a great opportunity for citizens of Athens and Piraeus to visit warships of Hellenic Navy that visit Piraeus for three days (Dec 4-6) to pay tribute to the patron saint of sailors and to give the opportunity to the citizens to "learn more" about their country's Navy. Once again for the second time in a row I was there! P67 Roussen, is the first boat of the Roussen class, the most modern surface combatants in service with Hellenic Navy and some of the most well armed and advanced boats in this category worldwide. The class is named after its lead ship in honor of Second Mate Nikolaos Roussen, a distinguished World War II submarine officer. Roussen fought bravely during the war but he found death in April 1944 after being mortally wounded during a naval mutiny while he was leading a naval detachment to recapture corvette Apostolis. This is the second boat of the Roussen class I have visited (Daniolos was my first!) but this time I was given the permission to have access on the upper deck. Photos of the interior of the ships are forbidden as usual. For a full analysis of the equipment and the capabilities of the class click here. Enjoy more than 35 photos of the boat!

The Hellenic Navy Naval Jack
Mast and sensors
OTO Melara 3in
Target Designation Sight (TDS)
The two 30mm naval gun mountings
Exocet SSM launchers

Roussen's SATCOM (INMARSAT FLEET 77) as leader of FAC flotilla
RAM at boat's stern
STING, Scout and MW08
Exocet quadruple launchers

OTO Melara Single 30mm naval gun mounting
30mm gun turret
30mm naval mounting
Mk136 SRBOC launcher
Mk137 SRBOC launcher
Thales TDS
OTO Melara 3in gun mount
Gyro compass
Target Designation Sight (TDS)
OTO Melara 30mm gun
Mount for MG3 machine gun

The mast of Roussen class FACM
View from the upper deck
Roussen's superstructure
Bridge and superstructure
OTO Melara 3in at the boat's fore section

Bow view of Roussen
HS Roussen as seen from frigate Kountouriotis

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