Sunday 6 December 2015

PHOTO GALLERY #10: Kountouriotis, frigate of the Hellenic Navy

Frigate Kountouriotis of the Hellenic Navy
Today, December 6th of 2015, Hellenic Navy celebrates the feast day of its patron Saint, Saint Nicholas and the anniversary of the Balkan Wars (1912-13) naval battles. Such day of the year is a great opportunity for citizens of Athens and Piraeus to visit warships of Hellenic Navy that visit Piraeus for three days (Dec 4-6) to pay tribute to the patron saint of sailors and to give the opportunity to the citizens to "learn more" about their country's Navy. Once again for the second time in a row I was there! F462 Kountouriotis, is one of the nine (ten once, Bouboulina was decommissioned in 2013) of the Elli class frigates (Kortenaer/Standard class) of the Hellenic Navy. The name pays tribute to Pavlos Kountouriotis who was a famous Greek admiral and naval hero during the Balkan Wars, regent, and the first and third President of the Second Hellenic Republic. For a full analysis of the equipment and the capabilities of the Elli class click here. Enjoy about 60 photos of the ship!

Kountouriotis behind Pipinos
Frigate Kountouriotis
OTO Melara 3in gun
Mk29 GMLS Sea Sparrow launcher
3in gun and Sea Sparrow launcher
Mk29 GMLS Sea Sparrow launcher
F462, the pennant number of frigate Kountouriotis
Bridge and main mast
Frigate Kountouriotis
View of the superstructure
Oerlikon Mk10 20mm gun
M1919 7.62mm (left) and Mk10 20mm
WM25 and navigation radar
Quadruple SSM Harpoon launcher
Harpoon launchers
Frigate Kountouriotis, Kortenaer class of the Hellenic Navy
Frigate Kountouriotis
Mk137 SRBOC launchers
LW08 long-range radar
Frigate Kountouriotis
Port-side of frigate Kountouriotis
Phalanx CIWS
Phalanx (6x20mm) CIWS
Stern of frigate Kountouriotis
Mount for MG3 7.62mm machine gun
Harpoon anti-ship missile aunchers
The bridge of Kountouriotis
3in gun and Sea Sparrow launcher
Sea Sparrow SAM launcher
Sea Sparrow SAM launcher
OTO Melara 76mm/62cal naval gun
Main mast with WM25
Sea Sparrow SAM launcher
Quadruple Sea Sparrow missile launcher
One of the four Mk137 SRBOC launchers
Mk137 SRBOC launchers
Mk32 twin torpedo launcher
Mechanism of ship's anchor
Harpoon launcher
Mk32 torpedo launcher

Hangar for two AB212 or one S70 Aegean Hawk helicopter
Phalanx atop of hangar with LW08 behind it
The hangar for one or two helicopters
Details of the hangar
Water cannon
Flight deck
The stack (funnel) of frigate Kountouriotis
Mk137 launchers part of the Mk36 SRBOC Chaff and Decoy Launching System
LW08 radar
M1919 and Mk10 guns
Decca navigation radar and WM25
The superstructure of the frigate
LW08 radar and Phalanx CIWS

Mirador EO sensor at the base of WM25
Frigate Kountouriotis
Bow of Kountouriotis
Details of Kountouriotis's bow

Many people took the opportunity to visit the three vessels of Hellenic Navy anchored at the port


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    1. Thank you a lot my friend, I wish you a happy and healthy New Year! Χρόνια πολλά!

  2. Excelent photos my friend! But why only one helicopter, when the "S" hangar has space/capacity for two, their positions marked with yellow painted lines. Something disturbing in the hangar are the high-flamable oil barrels and high-pressure gas bottles. I do not see any automatic roof-hanged fire fighters...

    1. You are right Manolis! There is space for two AB212s and one S70 helicopter (I do not believe that the hangar can accommodate two). You are right about the automatic-roof hanged fire fighters (sprinklers), perhaps these two red objects at each corner in the photo (DSC07992.JPG) that are connected to some black tubes, have this role. I am not sure. I do not have another better photo to check that properly.